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Army of One (2020) -


Nonton Film Army of One (2020) Streaming Movie Sub Indo

Nonton Army of One Sub Indo – Rising star Ellen Hollman stars in the 2020 movie Army of One. There have been a few films with that title. This one is better than the others, though not by much. Brenner Baker (Ellen Hollman) is having the worst day of her life. Earlier in the week, she and her husband, Dillion Baker (Matt Passmore) decided to take a vacation. Dillion, a police officer, is recuperating from a gunshot wound. Instead of being holed up at home, the couple decides to go on a hiking adventure outside the city.

Some of the locals confront them on the road to their campsite. The young men are led by Butch. He and the others seem to be descendants from the cast of Deliverance but with better dental hygiene. The Bakers run into them again at a local diner. An altercation escalates and is about to get out of hand when the waitress, Mama (Geraldine Singer), intervenes. The local men respect her authority. The Bakers thank her, and all seems well for now.

After the Bakers arrive at their campsite, a local officer warns them to stay on the trails. The locals do not trust outsiders very much. The couple takes the warning under advisement. While on their hike, they are caught in a rainstorm. Brenner is a bit more mischievous than her husband. Instead of going back to camp, she breaks into a seemingly quaint cabin they find along their route.

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Nonton Army of One Sub Indo – Meanwhile, you learn that Mama practically runs the town and surrounding areas. She owns 10,000 acres of land. Mama is a God-fearing Christian whom everyone adores and perhaps fears. She is the matriarch to Butch and a few of the other hooligans we met earlier. They all live together with Mama, a nerdier brother, and several other men. The only other women on the property are enslaved women. The family turns out to be involved in every type of illegal operation possible, including human trafficking.

Upon closer inspection of their temporary hideout, the Bakers find the place to be equal parts garish country charm and makeshift fortress (with an unlocked front door). There are tchotchkes everywhere and bars over the windows. Brenner’s curiosity gets the best of her as she insists on continuing to explore the house. She discovers a cache of heavy guns, ammo, and C4. Just as they turn to leave, they overstay their welcome. The cabin belongs to Butch.

Brenner and Dillion find themselves tied to chairs and staring down the barrel of a gun while arguing with Butch and his companions for the third time that day. This time though, Butch answers back with a shotgun blast to the head for Dillion and Brenner. Butch’s accomplices dump their bodies in a nearby gully. A few hours later, Brenner wakes up from a dream. We learn that she is not just the pretty and fit wife of a big city police officer. She is Brenner Baker, 1st Lieutenant of the Army’s legendary 75th Ranger Division.